Dean L.

Coquitlam, BC

Our company has been working with Yari at the Framing & Art Centre for a few years now and we have had a number of high end things done by him. We have always been impressed by the quality of work done on all our items!

Paul B.

Coquitlam, BC

In the past few years, Jari has framed four very different items for me. All are beautiful in their own ways. If you care enough about a picture, painting, or any subject worth hanging on your wall, bring it to Jari!


Kitchener, ON

I have been a customer of the Framing & Art Centre for over 30 years. My loyalty is a direct result of the amazing personalized service that I have received. The service and value from the Framing & Art Centre is second to none.

Jas D.

Toronto, ON

SUCH a great experience here. I came in to the store with two unframed prints, poster-sized. It was my first time having anything framed. . Highly recommend this place!

David L.

Kitchener, ON

I came here solely because they had the lowest price for a simple black frame that I wanted to get after grabbing a few quotes around the city. I came out surprised by the amazing customer service. The ladies were very helpful and nice as well.

Mike K.

Ottowa, ON

I took my three limited edition signed lithographs to the store. The work was perfect, the experience fantastic. If you ever need anything framed, I can't recommend this store enough. Thank you for the great experience.

Betty O.

Calgary, AB

We could not have been more pleased with the results and the consultations that we received. We were given many suggestions as to what we could do and how we could do it and found the employee's at that time to be very courteous and helpful.


Burlington, ON

I was introduced to the Burlington Framing & Art Centre by my daughter. I was immediately impressed with Alison. I have not hesitated to have many more pictures framed by Alison, and have never been disappointed!

Allen W.

Campbell, CA

This father and daughter shop is small, friendly and expertly skilled at framing fine art. The actual frames exceeded my expectations and were prepared on time. Will certainly return as I build my art collection.

Richard M.

Nepean, ON

Truly it is rare to find someone who not only takes pride in their work but is exceptionally good at it too. Tom is that person. Tom and his staff have a real talent for matching frames and colours. Thanks Tom!